The day I started drawing

I wanted to be like Hiroshige

who painted poetry in colours

carved landscapes from pigment

willed animals to exist by the force of his technique

I imagined what it must’ve been like

for him to travel 300 miles on the Tokaido Road

an artistic pilgrimage, chasing seasons

guided by the force of his vision

There’s only one Hiroshige

The same as there’s only one me

And that’s enough


Somewhere Between Science And Poetry

The life of a sake brewer

Is somewhere between science and poetry

Harnessing nature on the smallest of scales

Living, breathing, organisms, working, together,

Stop watches, singing, koji spores blooming,

See the moromi dance and bubble

Controlled and perfected over centuries

Terroir of the land

Terroir of the people

Filtered down into mythical proportions

Stories bottled and shipped 

Spreading the message one sip at a time