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3 Essential Podcasts For Furthering Your Sake Education

Podcasts are excellent resources for learning new things, especially when it comes to breaking down a subject as diverse and complex as sake. From the production process to the history of different rice varietals, there’s so much to enjoy in learning about sake and there are podcasts that champion Japan’s national beverage with great content and insight.

Here are three essential podcasts for furthering your sake education and falling deeper into the nihonshu rabbit hole.

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Discover The Wonderful World Of Nihonshu On The Sake Revolution Podcast

In an age of digital connection, podcasts are an excellent resource for learning new topics. As a fan of sake, I’ve enjoyed listening to the Sake On Air podcast, which regularly covers themes on nihonshu and shochu. But it’s not the only Japanese booze podcast in town. I’d also recommend listening to America’s first sake podcast, Sake Revolution.

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Sake On Air Review: How To Discern The Aromas Of Sake

The sake flavour wheel shows the different aromas that can be applied to nihonshu.

Japanese sake offers drinkers some of the most diverse flavours in the world. But there’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding sake, and it’s helpful to hear from experts who can educate the public on what makes Japanese alcohol outstanding. Sake on Air is exactly the kind of podcast you want to listen to for expert advice.

An episode I’ve found extremely interesting is the aroma of sake and how our sense of smell contributes towards enjoying a drink. Hosted by Chris Hughes, Rebekah Wilson-Lye and Sebastien Lemoine, sake aromas is a must-hear episode for anyone with an interest in Japanese alcohol. Continue reading “Sake On Air Review: How To Discern The Aromas Of Sake”