The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Mike Garley

The Kokoro Files is a segment that tells the everyday stories of people who are connected to Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun has served as an inspiration for many writers, and EMMY-nominated author Mike Garley counts himself among that list.

The creator of horror comic Samurai Slasher, Garley took the time to chat with Yamato Magazine about why he chose to tell a story of an unkillable zombie samurai and what it means to mix horror and comedy together during the writing process. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Mike Garley”

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Samurai Slasher: Volume 1 Review: A Darkly Entertaining Graphic Novel

Samurai were known for their deadly skill in combat and over the years they have been reimagined in various forms of media. But few stories have reframed the legend of Japan’s greatest warriors quite like the Samurai Slasher graphic novel series. Created by Mike Garley, the Samurai Slasher comic is based on an idea for an ‘80s movie that never came into being. Pulpy, violent and darkly entertaining, Samurai Slasher: Volume 1 follows the birth of a terrifying new monster. Continue reading “Samurai Slasher: Volume 1 Review: A Darkly Entertaining Graphic Novel”