Pop Culture and Japan

Pop Culture Pub Crawl: Katana

Being a superhero is a tough gig. There are innocent lives to save, bad guys to stop and ideals to live up to. So, when a character like Katana finds a moment to herself, she’ll want to make the most of it. The Pop Culture Pub Crawl investigates the drinking habits of different superheroes.

With her dedication to Japanese tradition, I’d see Katana carrying out a personal drinking ritual that would bring her closer to her ancestors.

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The Otaku Armoury

The Otaku Armoury: Katana’s Soultaker

The Otaku Armoury puts the spotlight on Japanese weapons in pop culture and a katana that should be recognised for its deadliness is Soultaker. Wielded by the DC comic heroine, Katana, Soultaker is a sword with a mystical origin and tragic circumstances.

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