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Guest Post: “What if we viewed life’s challenges as tools that can actually help us prosper?”

How one man turned his trials into triumphs: The Story of Carl Rosa

By Kristine Ohkubo

“What if we viewed life’s challenges as tools that can actually help us prosper?” That is the question asked by Carl Rosa, the founder of the Sushi Club of Houston and several other highly successful businesses which promote Japanese cuisine and culture in the United States. It is a question which gives us pause to think, and also effectively encapsulates Carl’s own personal experiences beginning with the tragedy which struck his family in 2005.

Inspired by his incredible knowledge and love of Japan, I recently interviewed Carl to learn more about what fuels his passion and dedication to promote Japanese culture through carefully cultivated culinary experiences. 

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The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Terry Huang

The Kokoro Files tells the stories of everyday people and their connection to Japanese culture.  For restaurant owner Terry Huang, he was inspired by his love of Japanese food and set out to create one of Manchester’s finest sushi joints, Umezushi.  

Yamato Magazine caught up with Terry about his reasons for starting up a restaurant and the challenges associated with it and what it means to start again from scratch in the hospitality industry.

I’ve found his story to be extremely inspiring because it demonstrates the reality of running a restaurant, but also having the courage to continue to push forward and stay passionate. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Terry Huang”

Japanese Cuisine

Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester

The Japanese food scene in Manchester is among the best in the UK. Ramen joints, fusion restaurants and street food vendors offer some of the most diverse eating experiences within the city, and another Japanese food venue that deserves to be recognised is Sushi Marvel. A Japanese delicatessen, Sushi Marvel have sites in the leafy suburb of Chorlton and the hip city neighbourhood of Ancoats. Continue reading “Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester”