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The Power Of Chowa Review: Soulful, Honest And Relatable

The pursuit of finding balance is a life-long goal that’s forever changing. Everyone has different perspectives on what they need to find peace, whether it’s through spending time with friends, or going for a long walk. Author Akemi Tanaka believes the best way to find balance is with chowa, the Japanese concept of harmony.

In her book, The Power Of Chowa, Tanaka tells the story of her life and pulls back the curtain on what it means to walk your own path in Japanese culture. Soulful, honest and powerful, The Power Of Chowa is a book that’s worth reading. Continue reading “The Power Of Chowa Review: Soulful, Honest And Relatable”

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A Conversation With Akemi Solloway Tanaka

When it comes to broadening our understanding of the world, there’s nothing better than talking and listening to people from different cultures. It makes us see life from an alternative perspective and opens our minds to another way of thinking. And when you meet someone who opens your mind to another culture, it’s worth sharing their story with others too.

That’s what I’d like to do for Japanese lecturer and author Akemi Solloway Tanaka. A consultant, women’s rights activist and all-around genuine person, Akemi is dedicated to opening up a dialogue about Japanese culture. Continue reading “A Conversation With Akemi Solloway Tanaka”