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Tobiroku Festival Of Stars Sparkling Sake Review: Elegant And Astringent

Tobiroku translates to festival of stars. It's an elegant and smooth tasting sparkling sake.

Sake is becoming increasingly popular in the west, with more consumers seeking more information about the different grades and tasting profiles. And to cater to the tastes of a new generation of nihonshu drinkers, some breweries have developed sparkling sake that has similar notes of champagne or prosecco.

A must-try sparkling sake is the Tobiroku ginjo produced by the Dewazakura brewery of Yamagata Prefecture. Airy, light and elegant, the Tobiroku has a star-inspired name that’s sure to bring joy on a night out with friends. Continue reading “Tobiroku Festival Of Stars Sparkling Sake Review: Elegant And Astringent”