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Step Into Sake Heaven With A Visit To The UK’s First Independent Sake Bar And Shop Moto

Moto is the UK's first independent sake bar and shop.

There’s a drink revolution going on in the UK and it’s all to do with Japanese sake. And if you want to experience it firsthand, then London is one of the best places to step into the world of nihonshu at Moto, the UK’s first independent sake bar and shop. While sake has always been a staple of menus in Japanese restaurants, Moto has taken it a step further by making the alcohol the star of the show and the results are electrifying. Continue reading “Step Into Sake Heaven With A Visit To The UK’s First Independent Sake Bar And Shop Moto”



There’s an old saying in the night markets of Tokyo

“A frog in a well does not know the great sea”

I never really understood what it meant

Until I found myself wandering the backstreets of Kabukichō

Looking for a reason not to go home

There’s something otherworldly about the place

A neon heaven calling to wayward souls

Like moths to a flame

On the way to a hostess bar

I cut through an alleyway

To see a parliament of black-suited men

Looming over a prone figure

The poor bastard had been beaten to a pulp

But he wasn’t who I was focusing on

One man stood apart from the group

He was the shortest among them

Yet somehow stood the tallest

Eyes the colour and hardness of flint

Stared in my direction

I’ve seen all kinds of stares in my life

Good, bad, happy, sad,

This man had none of them

His was a fathomless look

The kind you might expect from God

I have no idea how long I was standing there

Dumbstruck and exposed

But all it took was a simple nod from the man

A free pass to forget what I’d witnessed

And the spell was broken

The frog met the sea that night

Turns out wells are pretty damn comfortable

Japanese Cuisine

Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester

The Japanese food scene in Manchester is among the best in the UK. Ramen joints, fusion restaurants and street food vendors offer some of the most diverse eating experiences within the city, and another Japanese food venue that deserves to be recognised is Sushi Marvel. A Japanese delicatessen, Sushi Marvel have sites in the leafy suburb of Chorlton and the hip city neighbourhood of Ancoats. Continue reading “Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Danielle Geva

Feeling connected to a different culture can be an eye-opening experience. It enables us to broaden our horizons and gain an alternative perspective on the world. The Kokoro Files shares stories about people who feel connected to Japan, and in Danielle Geva’s case, she developed a passion for Japanese tea.

An entrepreneur, author and owner of a successful Japanese tea brand, Danielle was kind enough to share her thoughts about how travelling to Japan influenced her life. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Danielle Geva”

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10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Japanese Culture

Instagram is a great channel for browsing new experiences and getting travel ideas, especially when it comes to Japan. There are a variety of memorable Instagram accounts that celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun. When looking to learn more about Japan, it’s worth checking Instagram to get an idea of certain destinations and locals.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of 10 brilliant Instagram accounts that celebrate Japan in various formats. Whether it’s tattoos, travel, food or sake, these Instagrammers have an eye for photography. Continue reading “10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Japanese Culture”

Japanese Cuisine

Manzoku Street Food Brings An Epic Taste Of Japan To The Suburbs Of Manchester

Manchester is known for having some amazing Japanese food venues like Tokyo Ramen and Oishi-Q. The city also has its fair share of street food vendors and one of the most promising to pop up is Manzoku Street Food. Inspired by Asian foods from around the world, Manzoku offers a good range of Japanese dishes like katsu curry and original gems like teriyaki steak and chips. Continue reading “Manzoku Street Food Brings An Epic Taste Of Japan To The Suburbs Of Manchester”

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Yamato Magazine Reaches 100 Followers (Thank You!)

When it comes to writing, I find it’s one of the best ways to express myself and to improve my knowledge of the world. I founded Yamato Magazine as a way of increasing my awareness of Japanese culture, and since embarking on this journey, I’ve started to learn about aspects of Japan that I might not have thought about previously, such as sake.

Having a steady readership is another great motivator, which is why I’m happy to say that Yamato Magazine recently hit 100 followers! Thank you to all the people who’ve read, liked or commented on the articles so far. It’s inspired me to think about creating more Japan-centric content and continue to build the publication. Continue reading “Yamato Magazine Reaches 100 Followers (Thank You!)”

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Enjoy An Authentic Japanese Street Food Experience At Intoku In Manchester

Street food is one of my biggest loves. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover meals you might never have tried unless you happened to wander into a market or took a wrong turn down some dodgy back alley. Manchester is a mecca of street food, and the best place to find delicious portions on a regular basis is to visit the food market in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

On a recent visit I came across Intoku, a Japanese food stall that piqued my curiosity. Within minutes, my curiosity developed into a full stomach that left me feeling wholly satisfied. Intoku is a place where big things are happening in the kitchen. Continue reading “Enjoy An Authentic Japanese Street Food Experience At Intoku In Manchester”

Japanese Mythology

The Hyakki Yagyo: How To Survive The Night Of One Hundred Demons

Japanese folklore is filled with all kinds of supernatural tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. Creatures like the tengu and kitsune are as complex as the stories that have spawned them. Perhaps one of the most significant events in Japanese folklore is the Hyakki Yagyo, otherwise known as the night parade of one hundred demons.

As a Japanese idiom, the Hyakki Yagyo represents the concept of utter pandemonium. It’s the breaking down of the barrier between the human and supernatural world. The time of evil spirits and tricksters running amok through the streets. Continue reading “The Hyakki Yagyo: How To Survive The Night Of One Hundred Demons”