The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Jorg Muller

The Kokoro Files tells the story of ordinary people and their connection to Japan. And whether it’s food, alcohol, history or sport, the experience is unique to each person. For Jorg Muller, his experience in Japan inspired him to start up a sake supply company, Ueno Gourmet, one of the top importers of sake in Europe.

In this interview, Jorg reveals what connected him to nihonshu, what kind of breweries Ueno Gourmet works with and what it means to get involved with some of the most exciting beverages in the world. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Jorg Muller”

Sake Reviews

Toko Junmai Sake Review: Umami For Days

Toko Junmai sake has the aroma of a ginjo sake, but tastes similar to honjozo.

Yamato Magazine was created to help promote Japanese related brands and one of the most rewarding aspects of running the magazine has been to raise awareness of different sake breweries and suppliers, such as Ueno Gourmet, a premium sake supplier based in Germany.

They were kind enough to send a bottle of Toko Junmai sake to try in exchange for an honest review. Crafted by the venerable Toko brewery, this sake is sure to appeal to sake purists who value high-quality nihonshu that doesn’t have any brewer’s alcohol in it. Continue reading “Toko Junmai Sake Review: Umami For Days”

Sake Reviews

Katsuyama Ken Junmai Ginjo: An All-Rounder Sake Fit For A Samurai Lord

Katsuyama Ken sake has a rich, dry flavour with woody and sweet undercurrents.

Since discovering the versatility of sake, I’ve been on a mission to broaden my knowledge of nihonshu and try as many different blends as possible. And this crusade has inspired me to collaborate with sake breweries and suppliers. That’s why I’m pleased to announce Yamato Magazine’s first nihonshu collaboration with Ueno Gourmet, a premium sake supplier based in Germany.

In exchange for an honest review, Ueno Gourmet kindly sent over a bottle of Katsuyama Ken Junmai Ginjo to try. Continue reading “Katsuyama Ken Junmai Ginjo: An All-Rounder Sake Fit For A Samurai Lord”