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The Kokoro Files: Tracey Delaney

Travelling to Japan can have a transformative effect, inspiring people to start careers firmly rooted in their love of The Land Of The Rising Sun. For Tracey Delaney, the opportunity to represent her school and go to Japan sparked a life-long appreciation for the country.

Since then she’s become a global ambassador, a sake sommelier and provided support to the UK’s first sparkling sake brewery. Read on to find out more about Tracey’s story.

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Shochu And Awamori: The Spirits Of Japan Review: An Enlightening Event From Japan House London

The Shochu And Awamori: Spirits Of Japan event from Japan London House was a great introduction into Japanese spirits.

In the UK, sake is experiencing a steady increase in popularity and consumers are starting to seek more information about it. And as the interest grows, it’s creating the opportunity for lesser known Japanese drinks to be discovered like shochu. And a venue that’s the perfect setting for showcasing the brilliance of shochu is Japan House London.

I recently attended Shochu And Awamori: The Spirits Of Japan, an event which served as an introduction into the wonderful world of Japanese spirits. A collaboration between Japan London House, the Kagoshima Shochu Makers Association (KSMA) and Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA), the event was truly enlightening. Continue reading “Shochu And Awamori: The Spirits Of Japan Review: An Enlightening Event From Japan House London”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Lucy Wilson

The Kokoro Files spotlights the stories of everyday people and their connection to Japan. For Lucy Wilson, Japan inspired her to enter the realm of sake production. Along with her husband, Tom, Lucy is the co-founder of Kanpai Brewery, the UK’s first sake brewery.

It was a pleasure to talk to Lucy about how Kanpai Brewery was created and what it’s like to enter sake into competitions. Read on to learn more about the types of nihonshu and experiences that the brewery offers. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Lucy Wilson”