Lady Of The Snow

Have you heard the story of the yuki-onna?

The maiden with the heart as cold as ice

They say she preys on the souls of lost travellers

Leads them astray and devours their lifeforce

Cold bitches the lot of them

Well, maybe not all

I remember hearing about a yuki-onna

That fell in love with a one-legged man

Looking for his little brother on the mountain

In the middle of a blizzard in the dead of winter

Stupid? Stubborn? Suicide?

All the above

But the one-legged man dragged himself through an icy hell

To find his kin trapped in a cave

Some say the yuki-onna guided him

Others say she followed to test his resolve

But these are just rumours, you understand

Ghost stories, really

But I like to think that even ghosts

Remember what it’s like to be human