Haiku 13

A masterpiece meal
Kaiseki: The art of food
Eat until you burst

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Paul Nakayama

Japan has proud alcohol brewing traditions that go back centuries. Over the years, the techniques of sake makers have captivated people all over the world, especially with the production of shochu. For Paul Nakayama, his experience with shochu inspired him to create his own variety of Japan’s premiere craft spirit.

Along with his wife, Nakayama created Nankai shochu, a premium black sugar drink that’s available from their headquarters in Los Angeles. Nakayama is on a mission to make more people aware of shochu and Yamato Magazine is pleased to present his story. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Paul Nakayama”

Sake Reviews

Kuro Kirishima Shochu Review: Deceptively Complex And Smooth As Hell

Kuro kirishima shochu has a deceptively complex taste.

Shochu is one of Japan’s most exciting beverages. There’s a huge variety of ingredients and every type has its own unique flavour and profile. One of the most interesting types I’ve tried recently is Kuro Kirishima shochu supplied by Japanese restaurant Shoryu in Manchester.

Tasting this particular kind of shochu was a big deal because it officially signifies that I’ve tried all the shochu that Shoryu has to offer (Can you tell how much I enjoy eating there?). Continue reading “Kuro Kirishima Shochu Review: Deceptively Complex And Smooth As Hell”

Japanese Cuisine

Natsu Beer Review: Easy To Drink And Ideal For Summer

 Wagamama is one of the UK’s best-known Japanese restaurant chains. Having served diners since 1992, the Wagamama brand has continually evolved across all food offerings. The same can be said for the drink selection, with Wagamama fully embracing the craft beer boom.

Curious to know more, I recently tried the Wagamama exclusive natsu beer. Meaning ‘summer’ in Japanese, natsu has a tropical flavour that makes it stand out against the savoury dishes that the restaurant offers. Continue reading “Natsu Beer Review: Easy To Drink And Ideal For Summer”

Book Reviews

The Power Of Chowa Review: Soulful, Honest And Relatable

The pursuit of finding balance is a life-long goal that’s forever changing. Everyone has different perspectives on what they need to find peace, whether it’s through spending time with friends, or going for a long walk. Author Akemi Tanaka believes the best way to find balance is with chowa, the Japanese concept of harmony.

In her book, The Power Of Chowa, Tanaka tells the story of her life and pulls back the curtain on what it means to walk your own path in Japanese culture. Soulful, honest and powerful, The Power Of Chowa is a book that’s worth reading. Continue reading “The Power Of Chowa Review: Soulful, Honest And Relatable”