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Founded by short story writer and owner of The Rum Ration and The Comic Vault, Jamie Ryder, Yamato Magazine is an online journal that celebrates Japan in its various incarnations. Jamie is a Sake Sommelier Association certified sommelier who started the magazine because he wanted to improve his knowledge of Japan and thought that writing about it was the best way to jump down the rabbit hole.  From pop culture to food, Yamato Magazine explores all aspects of Japanese culture.

Want to write for Yamato Magazine or collaborate on a project? Get in touch using the information below or via the contact form. 

Contact information

Instagram: @yamatomagazine

Twitter: @YMagzne




18 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. This is so fascinating. I love Japanese poetry and am excited to learn more about Japanese culture (and hope to learn how to write good haiku and other forms of poetry). Your blog looks like a hidden treasure chest I can’t wait to open. Thanks for what you are doing and for sharing your knowledge. Also, thanks for following my blog.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to follow back. You’ll find a good mixture of Japan inspired poetry, pop culture and articles about the Japanese alcohol and food industry in Yamato Magazine. Hope it helps to deepen your appreciation for the culture!

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  2. It’s an extremely complex subject that’s tied to honour and the idea that it was a more noble death for samurai who’d committed treason against their masters and other crimes.


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