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Punching Depression In The Face: An Exploration Of Mental Health In One-Punch Man

In recent years, mental health has become an important debate that people are discussing all over the globe. Men and women are opening up about their experiences with conditions like anxiety, but despite this progress, there is still an ingrained stigma attached to mental health, with many choosing to suffer in silence.

Creative mediums such as TV and comics can drive the discussion about mental health and help to break down the stigma of talking about it in public. By seeing fictional characters go through relatable struggles, fans might feel inspired to share their experiences with others and make positive steps towards managing a disorder.

A franchise that does an excellent job of portraying mental health in pop culture is One-Punch Man. With a mixture of comic and celebrity culture themes, One-Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, the most powerful superhero in the world who is on a mission to find an opponent worth fighting.

But for all of Saitama’s strength, he has constantly battled with depression and it’s proven to be the only opponent he cannot defeat with one punch. Mental health is one of the most important themes of One Punch Man, so let’s explore it in greater depth. Continue reading “Punching Depression In The Face: An Exploration Of Mental Health In One-Punch Man”

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Altered Carbon: Resleeved Review: Glorious Violence And Top-Notch Animation

Altered Carbon is one of the most original sci-fi series of recent memory. The idea that immortality has become a plaything through digital consciousness and swapping bodies/sleeves makes for a dark and fascinating tale. From books to a Netflix show, the series continues to expand into other mediums and the latest is an anime spin-off called Resleeved.

Set as a prequel to the Netflix series, Resleeved continues the exploits of the Last Envoy Takeshi Kovac and his search for meaning in a universe of corruption, crime and death. Continue reading “Altered Carbon: Resleeved Review: Glorious Violence And Top-Notch Animation”

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Enter The Anime Review: So Much Wasted Potential

With anime being one of Japan’s most popular exports, there have been several attempts by documentary makers to dive into the world of otaku and kawaii culture and see what makes it so appealing. The most recent documentary Netflix’s Enter The Anime, features various anime creators taking about their work. As a casual anime fan I was interested to learn more, but what I watched turned out to be a poorly constructed story that barely scratched the surface of the industry. Continue reading “Enter The Anime Review: So Much Wasted Potential”

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4 Characters In One-Punch Man Who Suffer From Mental Health Disorders

Superheroes are often portrayed as larger than life juggernauts who are able overcome any challenge. It can be difficult to imagine them being vulnerable like a normal person, let alone having a mental health condition. Yet anime series like One-Punch Man aren’t afraid to show how messy the lives of superheroes are, or the types of problems they suffer with on a regular basis.

Mental health is a crucial part of One-Punch Man. There are superheroes and supervillains that battle against disorders throughout the series. Here are four characters from One-Punch Man who struggle with their mental health. Continue reading “4 Characters In One-Punch Man Who Suffer From Mental Health Disorders”

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Batman: Ninja Review: An Entertaining Blend Of Comic And Japanese Themes


When it comes to superheroes, Batman is one of the most popular comic characters of all-time. The Dark Knight’s story has been told across multiple platforms, constantly reinterpreted to entertain new audiences. With the popularity of anime and Japanese culture, it seemed inevitable that Batman would find his way into a Japanese style setting, and that’s exactly what happened with Batman: Ninja. Here’s my review of a film that takes the best of the Caped Crusader’s world and mashes it together with Japanese culture. Continue reading “Batman: Ninja Review: An Entertaining Blend Of Comic And Japanese Themes”