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Gozenshu 9 Junmai Sake Review: Become A Bodaimoto Believer

Gozenshu 9 Junmai is made with the ancient production method of bodaimoto.

One of the most exciting aspects of sake is the production method, especially when you begin to see the distinctions in flavour profile between modern methods like the Sokujomoto process and specialist methods like Yamahai.

The most ancient form of sake production is the bodaimoto method, which originated in the 14thcentury and can be traced to Nara. Sake produced in this style brings on unique flavours, which is definitely the case with Gozenshu 9 Junmai. Continue reading “Gozenshu 9 Junmai Sake Review: Become A Bodaimoto Believer”

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6 Of The Best Places To Buy Sake In The UK

Kanpai Brewery is one of the best places to drink sake in the U.K.

Japanese sake is experiencing a renaissance in the west. More information is available for demystifying Japan’s national alcohol, while sake-related organisations, breweries and sommeliers are breaking down misconceptions about nihonshu and experimenting with a variety of amazing flavours.

One of the most dynamic western markets for sake is the UK and there are some great places to get it if you know where to look. With that said, here are six of the best places to get your sake fix in the UK! Continue reading “6 Of The Best Places To Buy Sake In The UK”