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Appreciating The Art And Drama Of Yugiri In Ramen Making

It’s no secret that ramen dishes are some of the tastiest meals on the planet and that it’s very likely you’ll find the meaning of life at the bottom of a bowl once you’ve finished slurping up all the noodles and broth. This deliciousness comes from the heart and soul that ramen chefs put into their craft. 

Using a wide variety of techniques and tools, the chefs elevate ramen making into an artform and one of the most intriguing skills that’s put into practice is yugiri. This technique involves ‘cutting’ hot water in a strainer, producing some of the most elegant moves that you’ll ever see in a kitchen.

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Book Reviews

Koji Alchemy Review: A Book That Will Change Your Perception Of Mould

Koji Alchemy by Rich Shih and Jeremy Umansky.

Food and drink have the power to be transformative, whether it’s through unearthing a new culture, or the simple joy of spending time with friends and family. That sense of magic can be felt in certain ingredients and transform how we look at categories such as mould. Koji is exactly the kind of magical substance that will change your perception of how a mould is used in food and drink.

Koji Alchemy, written by Rich Shih and Jeremy Umansky, is a comprehensive guide on understanding what makes koji so versatile. From delving into the history of different strains, to offering one-of-a-kind recipes, Koji Alchemy is a must-read book for chefs, fermentation enthusiasts and anyone who’d like to expand their knowledge on an ingredient that’s ushering in a new wave of innovation.

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Japanese Cuisine

Wafu Adzuki Spaghetti With Homemade Sake Sauce Recipe

Japanese cooking is defined by precise techniques and an attention to detail with varied ingredients. The versatile nature of Japanese food means there is plenty of opportunity for experimentation and fusion. This has led to the birth of a cooking discipline called wafu, which means ‘Japanese style.’

At its core, wafu is about bringing western food and Japanese preparation techniques together for fusion meals such as wafu pasta. I decided to combine the heartiness of Italian cooking with the elegance of Japanese ingredients by making healthy wafu pasta in a sweet tomato sake sauce served with adzuki beans and roasted nori (seaweed). Continue reading “Wafu Adzuki Spaghetti With Homemade Sake Sauce Recipe”