Dragon Gate

With the rush of water

Push back against the tide

Against currents

Against time itself

Sunlight is a golden trickster

Hiding the one truth path

Close your eyes

Keep swimming

Thrash with all your might

Show them strength

That moves mountains

An upstream battle

Waged for yourself alone

Until wings sprout from your back

Become a dragon

Become who you were always meant to be

12 thoughts on “Dragon Gate

  1. Really inspiring and motivating and and a wonderful poem ofcourse. I don’t know what to say more. Very well portrayed 🤗 really liked it 💕💕


    1. Thanks. I’m fond of the Japanese image of the koi swimming up a waterfall and transforming into a dragon. It resonates with me a lot and I wanted to capture it as best I could.


  2. The road I lived on in my homeland Taiwan was called Dragon Gate Road (or Longmen Road if you take the phonetic spelling), so your poem brought on pleasant memories. I really love the image you used as well.

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