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Techno-Japonisme And Dystopian Aesthetics: How Japanese Culture Influenced The World Of Cyberpunk 2077

Japan has influenced the creation of many forms of literature, with one of the most distinctive being cyberpunk. Tropes of this sci-fi subgenre include advanced, dystopian cities, corrupt mega corporations, oppressed outsiders fighting to bring down the machine and Japanese aesthetics front and centre. 

This kind of techno-japonisme is a major influence in Cyberpunk 2077, painting Japanese culture with a sense of otherness that makes it both frightening and exotic. Let’s dive deeper to understand how Japanese culture has shaped the world of Cyberpunk 2077. 

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Oubaitori Life: Johnny Silverhand

Learning about Japanese philosophy is a great way to discover new life lessons and apply them to daily routines. Oubaitori Life examines the Japanese concepts that fictional characters apply to their routines and an interesting character to focus on is Johnny Silverhand from the Cyberpunk franchise.

A soldier turned anti-establishment rockstar and freedom fighter, Silverhand surrounded himself with Japanese concepts on a regular basis. 

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Altered Carbon: Resleeved Review: Glorious Violence And Top-Notch Animation

Altered Carbon is one of the most original sci-fi series of recent memory. The idea that immortality has become a plaything through digital consciousness and swapping bodies/sleeves makes for a dark and fascinating tale. From books to a Netflix show, the series continues to expand into other mediums and the latest is an anime spin-off called Resleeved.

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