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4 Ways In Which Sake Has Helped My Mental Health


Discovering new hobbies is a great technique for developing a positive mental health routine and in my case it’s been sake. Since setting off on my journey into the world of nihonshu, I’ve found it’s been a positive experience during times of poor mental health and I wanted to share four ways in which it’s helped.

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Sake Glossary: A Guide For Beginners

Immersing yourself in the world of sake is an exciting experience that can quickly turn into a life-long pursuit of knowledge. Just when you think you’ve mastered something, there’s a new kind of nihonshu to try or a different kind of rice to discover. Falling down the sake rabbit hole is rewarding, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the terminology.

To help, Yamato Magazine has created a handy glossary of useful sake terms to remember.

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Book Reviews

The Tokyo Travel Sketchbook Review: Capturing The Contradictory Nature Of Japan

The Tokyo Travel Sketchbook by Amaia Arrazola takes the reader on an artistic journey through Tokyo.

From writers to artists, Japan has a history of inspiring creatives to bring a new dimension to their work. When Spanish artist Amaia Arrazola took up an art residency in Tokyo, she was inspired to create an entire art portfolio after spending a month in Japan’s capital. The Tokyo Travel Sketchbook: Kawaii Culture, Wabi Sabi Design, Female Samurais and Other Obsessions is the fruit of Arrazola’s labour. Continue reading “The Tokyo Travel Sketchbook Review: Capturing The Contradictory Nature Of Japan”

Awamori Reviews

Harusame Kari Awamori Review: A Tsunami Of Flavour That Keeps On Building!

Harusame Kari awamori is rich, creamy, nutty and sweet.

Japanese spirits like awamori have some of the most unique brewing methods and flavours profiles to be found anywhere on the planet. Awamori comes from Okinawa and packs more of a punch than nihonshu and shochu with an ABV that ranges from between 30% – 43%.

Harusame Kari, produced by Miyazato Distillery, is a multi-layered drink that stacks oodles of flavour on top of each other. And the only reason I was able to discover it was by paying a visit to the UK’s first sake brewery Kanpai in Peckham. The stars had truly aligned for an awesome drinking experience. Continue reading “Harusame Kari Awamori Review: A Tsunami Of Flavour That Keeps On Building!”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Jorg Muller

The Kokoro Files tells the story of ordinary people and their connection to Japan. And whether it’s food, alcohol, history or sport, the experience is unique to each person. For Jorg Muller, his experience in Japan inspired him to start up a sake supply company, Ueno Gourmet, one of the top importers of sake in Europe.

In this interview, Jorg reveals what connected him to nihonshu, what kind of breweries Ueno Gourmet works with and what it means to get involved with some of the most exciting beverages in the world. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Jorg Muller”

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Sake On Air Review: How To Discern The Aromas Of Sake

The sake flavour wheel shows the different aromas that can be applied to nihonshu.

Japanese sake offers drinkers some of the most diverse flavours in the world. But there’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding sake, and it’s helpful to hear from experts who can educate the public on what makes Japanese alcohol outstanding. Sake on Air is exactly the kind of podcast you want to listen to for expert advice.

An episode I’ve found extremely interesting is the aroma of sake and how our sense of smell contributes towards enjoying a drink. Hosted by Chris Hughes, Rebekah Wilson-Lye and Sebastien Lemoine, sake aromas is a must-hear episode for anyone with an interest in Japanese alcohol. Continue reading “Sake On Air Review: How To Discern The Aromas Of Sake”

Sake Reviews

Toko Junmai Sake Review: Umami For Days

Toko Junmai sake has the aroma of a ginjo sake, but tastes similar to honjozo.

Yamato Magazine was created to help promote Japanese related brands and one of the most rewarding aspects of running the magazine has been to raise awareness of different sake breweries and suppliers, such as Ueno Gourmet, a premium sake supplier based in Germany.

They were kind enough to send a bottle of Toko Junmai sake to try in exchange for an honest review. Crafted by the venerable Toko brewery, this sake is sure to appeal to sake purists who value high-quality nihonshu that doesn’t have any brewer’s alcohol in it. Continue reading “Toko Junmai Sake Review: Umami For Days”

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5 Powerful Japanese Concepts For Creating A Positive Mental Health Routine

When developing a positive mental health routine for yourself, it’s worth looking to other cultures for inspiration. Japan has various philosophies that can help to make life brighter and more enjoyable. Whether it’s learning to appreciate small pleasures or choosing to be kinder to yourself, here are five Japanese concepts that promote positive mental health. Continue reading “5 Powerful Japanese Concepts For Creating A Positive Mental Health Routine”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Paul Nakayama

Japan has proud alcohol brewing traditions that go back centuries. Over the years, the techniques of sake makers have captivated people all over the world, especially with the production of shochu. For Paul Nakayama, his experience with shochu inspired him to create his own variety of Japan’s premiere craft spirit.

Along with his wife, Nakayama created Nankai shochu, a premium black sugar drink that’s available from their headquarters in Los Angeles. Nakayama is on a mission to make more people aware of shochu and Yamato Magazine is pleased to present his story. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Paul Nakayama”

Shochu Reviews

Kuro Kirishima Shochu Review: Deceptively Complex And Smooth As Hell

Kuro kirishima shochu has a deceptively complex taste.

Shochu is one of Japan’s most exciting beverages. There’s a huge variety of ingredients and every type has its own unique flavour and profile. One of the most interesting types I’ve tried recently is Kuro Kirishima shochu supplied by Japanese restaurant Shoryu in Manchester.

Tasting this particular kind of shochu was a big deal because it officially signifies that I’ve tried all the shochu that Shoryu has to offer (Can you tell how much I enjoy eating there?). Continue reading “Kuro Kirishima Shochu Review: Deceptively Complex And Smooth As Hell”