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Beniotome Red Maiden Black Shochu Review: Earthy, Savoury And Intense

Beniotome Red Maiden Black is a memorable type of sesame shochu.

If you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone with a unique kind of drink they you can’t go wrong with shochu. Japan’s national spirit is made with a smorgasbord of different ingredients, with one of the most interesting being sesame seeds. 

Beniotome Red Maiden Black is the first sesame shochu I’ve tried and it’s one of the most multifaceted drinks I’ve come across on my shochu journey so far. 

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Pop Culture and Japan

Shochu Glossary: The Lexicon Of Japan’s National Spirit

Japan is known for having a unique drinking culture, best represented by sake/nihonshu in the west. But to leave out Japan’s national spirit, shochu, would be a massive disservice to the distillers who work tirelessly to produce one of the most versatile drinks in the world.

Education about shochu and its older cousin awamori is still lacking in western culture. But to help people learn more about it, Yamato Magazine has provided a glossary of essential shochu terms.

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The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Christopher Pellegrini

The Kokoro Files shares the stories of people and their connection to Japan, and this edition is particularly exciting for me because I had the opportunity to chat with one of the world’s leading authorities on shochu, Chris Pellegrini. A Japanese spirit evangelist, Chris is passionate about spreading the gospel of shochu and awamori. He definitely made a convert out of me!

From talking shochu 101, to clearing up the differences between shochu and Korean soju, we cover a lot of ground in this interview. Read on to discover the exciting world of Japan’s indigenous spirit. Who knows? By the time you’ve finished reading you might be ready to jump down the rabbit hole.

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Shochu Reviews

Tatsugo Gold Shochu Review: Silky, Smooth And Mellow

Tatsugo gold is a kokuto shochu produced on Amami Island by the Machida Shuzo brewery.

Since being bitten by the shochu bug, I’ve been on a mission to try as many different types of Japan’s national spirit as possible. From sweet potato to barley, the base ingredients of shochu are as diverse as the breweries that produce such a fine drink.

Brown sugar is another popular ingredient and I recently got my hands on a shochu that falls into this category called Tatsugo gold. Continue reading “Tatsugo Gold Shochu Review: Silky, Smooth And Mellow”

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Embrace The Awesomeness Of Awamori (Sake On Air Review)

Experiencing a new culture through the lens of food and drink is a great way to connect to a different part of the world without having to hop on a plane. If you ever plan to travel to Okinawa, it’s worth knowing about the island’s indigenous spirit awamori and its importance to local history.

But what exactly is awamori and how does it differ from other Japanese drinks like nihonshu and shochu? Sake On Air recently released an awamori episode that reveals why it’s worth trying this little known spirit. Continue reading “Embrace The Awesomeness Of Awamori (Sake On Air Review)”

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Daiyame Sweet Potato Is The Ideal Shochu For Wine Drinkers

Daiyame shochu is produced by the Hamada Syuzou brewery to celebrate its 150 year anniversary.

Shochu is one of the most unique spirits on the planet because of the variety of ingredients that it’s made from and distinctive flavour profiles. Whether it’s imo (sweet potato) or mugi (barley) shochu, you’re guaranteed a different drinking experience from each spirit that you try.

The Hamada Syuzou brewery has earnt a reputation for producing some of the finest shochu in the world. And the brewery’s Daiyame shochu is exactly the kind of drink that will make you fall in love with Japan’s national spirit. Smooth, fresh and aromatic, this award-winning shochu deserves plenty of praise. Continue reading “Daiyame Sweet Potato Is The Ideal Shochu For Wine Drinkers”

Awamori Reviews

Harusame Kari Awamori Review: A Tsunami Of Flavour That Keeps On Building!

Harusame Kari awamori is rich, creamy, nutty and sweet.

Japanese spirits like awamori have some of the most unique brewing methods and flavours profiles to be found anywhere on the planet. Awamori comes from Okinawa and packs more of a punch than nihonshu and shochu with an ABV that ranges from between 30% – 43%.

Harusame Kari, produced by Miyazato Distillery, is a multi-layered drink that stacks oodles of flavour on top of each other. And the only reason I was able to discover it was by paying a visit to the UK’s first sake brewery Kanpai in Peckham. The stars had truly aligned for an awesome drinking experience. Continue reading “Harusame Kari Awamori Review: A Tsunami Of Flavour That Keeps On Building!”