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The Pop Culture Pub Crawl: Wolverine (Part 2)

The Pop Culture Pub Crawl highlights the drinking habits of different superheroes and Wolverine has a reputation for being one of the booziest members of the X-Men. Wolverine’s love of Japanese culture is one of his defining traits, so let’s take a look at the type of hooch that he’d drink when out on the town in Japan.

Toko junmai sake

Volume: 15%

Taste: Savoury and sweet

To start his night off, Logan would sit in an izakaya and order a carafe of sake to ease himself into the night. He’d choose a high-quality junmai (pure) sake like Toko for its smooth and silky texture. It’s got savoury and sweet notes of chestnut, rice, orange and lime that mingle together in an umami bomb.

Drinking the sake would help Wolverine to feel connected to the samurai that he’d modelled his sense of honour on. The Toko brewery has been in operation since 1597 and has connections to the famed Uesugi samurai clan.

Urakasumi honjikomi honjozo sake

Volume: 15%

Taste: Creamy and fruity

Logan’s next sake of choice would be an honjozo with a velvety mouthfeel like Urakasumi honjikomi. With a nutty, savoury flavour, Wolverine would want to make the most of that texture by having the sake served hot.

While sipping it, he’d likely pair it with his first meal of the night and I’d see him going for a plate of takoyaki. The crunchy and warm sensation of the octopus balls would pair beautifully with the heat of the sake.


Iichiko shochu

Volume: 25%

Taste: Fruity and astringent

At some point, Wolverine would likely mix his drinks up and switch to shochu. Japan’s national spirit is made with a plethora of ingredients and I’d see him choosing a smooth-tasting shochu like Iichiko to clean his palate.

Iichiko shochu carries notes of lychee, oat and walnut, building up into a sweet burn. Logan would drink it neat and pair it with a second meal of tonkotsu ramen to get a bold mix of umami and sweetness.

Tatsugo gold shochu

Volume: 35%

Taste: Silky and sweet

Curious to expand his horizons, Logan would pick another type of shochu like Tatsugo gold. This shochu differs from the previous one because it’s a kokuto (brown sugar) variety, whereas the Iichiko is made from barley.

Light, airy and mellow, the Tatsugo gold is the perfect drink for helping to clear away the taste of a heavy meal. I could see Wolverine drinking it in the mizuwari method. This is shochu that’s been mixed with cold water and served immediately.

Harasume Kari awamori

Volume: 30%

Taste: Savoury

After drinking a hell of a lot of sake and shochu, Logan would succeed in getting a good buzz going and shift towards a punchy awamori like Harasume kari. Created in Okinawa, awamori is similar to shochu, but is only made with rice and black koji mold.

Harasume kari has a complex flavour profile. Powerful nuttiness is layered with fudge, cream, vanilla, and black pepper. The aftertaste is a punch in the gut that would give Wolverine something to remember and enjoy.

Santa Maria rum

Volume: 37%

Taste: Light and sweet

For his next drink, Wolverine would want to wind down to something lighter. Santa Maria rum is a good choice. Elegant, sweet and light, it carries all the best qualities of Japanese craftsmanship.

An agricole variety of rum distilled on Ie island, Santa Maria has whisky-like qualities that Logan would appreciate. This is due to it being aged for two years in Nikka whisky oak barrels. The result is a rum that has flavours of banana, caramel, pepper, cocoa, and apple.


Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu sake

Volume: 14%

Taste: Sweet and smooth

At the end of a hard night of drinking, Wolverine would want to eat again to soak up the alcohol and treat himself to a dessert. He’d order a matcha cheesecake and pair it with a bottle of delicious Shiraume Umeshu dessert sake.

This sake has a mouth-watering plum taste, courtesy of the Japanese ume plums that are preserved in ginjo grade sake. The plums are removed after six months of steeping and the sake is left to age for two years. Glorious hints of Christmas pudding, raisin, honey, and marzipan come together.

Logan would sip the sake slowly and let it mingle with the flavours of the cheesecake. It’d keep him focused on the present moment. Of being in Japan and a part of the culture that he fell in love with.

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