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Sake And Southern Hospitality: The Story Of Wetlands Sake And Protecting The American Wetlands

Wetlands Sake logo.

The rise of sake continues to be felt in the West, with new breweries emerging every year like bubbles on the surface of the moromi that’s so crucial to nihonshu making. This renaissance is especially true in America and one of the newest American sake breweries on the block is Wetlands Sake.

Based in New Orleans, Wetlands Sake is all about combining southern hospitality with the craftsmanship of excellent sake brewing.

A woman-led initiative 

Run by Nan Wallis and Lindsey Beard, Wetlands Sake is a women-led initiative that celebrates the heritage and ingredients of Louisiana, while also honouring the traditions of Japan. 

The inspiration for the company came about through childhood memories of the Louisiana wetlands and how they are so vital for supporting life. This appreciation is felt through the rice that the brewery uses to create its sake. 

Wetlands Sake uses a unique Louisiana short-grain rice developed by the LSU AgCentre Rice Research Station. This focus on the environment extends to the brewery wanting to help protect the area by donating a portion of profits to safeguarding the wetlands for local wildlife, plants and future generations. To get involved in donating, go here

Wetlands sake.

A versatile range of sake 

Wetlands Sake produces canned beverages that come in a range of styles and flavours: filtered, nigori (cloudy), passion fruit and blood orange.

The filtered sake comes in at 14% ABV with a medium-bodied sweetness, while the cloudy sake is smooth and subtle and also weighs in at 14% ABV. Passion fruit is a 6.5% ABV sparkling sake and blood orange also falls into the sparkling category at 6.5%. 

It’s wonderful to see a brewery that’s backed by an ethical cause and experimenting with different styles. Wetlands Sake is an excellent addition to the thriving culinary scene in New Orleans, while becoming another star in the wider sake universe. 

To keep up with the story of Wetlands Sake, check them out on Instagram and keep on improving your sake knowledge along the way.

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