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Guest Post: A Bowl Of Heart: A Film About More Than Just Ramen

If it takes time to become acquainted with a person in any meaningful way, then a bowl of noodles needs to be raised for John Daschbach. After spending an entire year filming a master ramen chef, the Tokyo-based filmmaker’s latest film Come Back Anytime beautifully captures the feeling of finally getting to know someone.

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Shoryu Piri Piri Tonkotsu Kit Review: Ramen As Good As You’ll Find In Any Restaurant

During lockdown, hospitality venues have needed to get creative in order to keep moving forward and this has led to the rise of DIY meal kits that recreate the quality of the food you would find in a restaurant. 

A venue I’ve seriously missed being open in the UK is Shoryu, as it’s where I’ve been able to get my ramen fix for years and slurp many good bowls of heart-warming broth. The next best thing to eating ramen at Shoryu was to order one of their meal kits, so I dived into the awesome Piri Piri Tonkotsu pack.

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Appreciating The Art And Drama Of Yugiri In Ramen Making

It’s no secret that ramen dishes are some of the tastiest meals on the planet and that it’s very likely you’ll find the meaning of life at the bottom of a bowl once you’ve finished slurping up all the noodles and broth. This deliciousness comes from the heart and soul that ramen chefs put into their craft. 

Using a wide variety of techniques and tools, the chefs elevate ramen making into an artform and one of the most intriguing skills that’s put into practice is yugiri. This technique involves ‘cutting’ hot water in a strainer, producing some of the most elegant moves that you’ll ever see in a kitchen.

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Soul Food

Did I ever tell you about the time

I discovered the meaning of life

in a bowl of ramen?

I mean it’s not like I planned it

I was hungry, that’s all

So, I ordered this big plate of tonkotsu

with noodles long enough to

stretch back to my childhood

The tomango bobbed up and down

winking at me like a crystal ball

I ate that first

Tasted of the future

with a side of nori

and before I knew what was happening

The broth was parting like the Red Sea

revealing secrets of the universe

 more enlightening than a thousand conversations

To this day I only eat ramen

because everything else is a disappointment

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Enjoy A Taste Of Japan At Bambuszliget In Budapest

When I travel to new places, I like to investigate the Japanese food scene and see how it compares to other locales. On a recent trip to Budapest I came across a restaurant called Bambuszliget, which serves up traditional Japanese food and its own unique meals, such as a sake burger, a dish that contains grilled salmon, cheddar and squid ink noodles mashed into a bun and is accompanied by Japanese potato salad and wasabi mayo. Read on to discover my opinion of Bambuszliget. Continue reading “Enjoy A Taste Of Japan At Bambuszliget In Budapest”

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Manchester’s Tokyo Ramen Offers Some Of The Tastiest Broths In The North West Of England

When it comes to Japanese food, ramen is at the top of my satisfying meal list. A lot of creativity can be infused into a single bowl of broth and I’m a mission to uncover the best ramen joints around. Luckily, there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants in Manchester, which is why I dropped by Tokyo Ramen to taste their wares. Continue reading “Manchester’s Tokyo Ramen Offers Some Of The Tastiest Broths In The North West Of England”

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The Definitive Guide To Japanese Manchester

Travelling is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge of the world. But it’s not the only way to embrace a new culture. Exploring local communities and experiences are eye-opening in their own right. I’m fascinated by Japan and there are plenty of Japanese related activities in my home city of Manchester. There’s restaurants, bars, societies and exhibits dedicated to celebrating the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s why I’ve put together a guide for anyone who wants to explore Manchester through the lens of Japanese culture. Continue reading “The Definitive Guide To Japanese Manchester”