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Yamato Magazine Reaches 100 Followers (Thank You!)

When it comes to writing, I find it’s one of the best ways to express myself and to improve my knowledge of the world. I founded Yamato Magazine as a way of increasing my awareness of Japanese culture, and since embarking on this journey, I’ve started to learn about aspects of Japan that I might not have thought about previously, such as sake.

Having a steady readership is another great motivator, which is why I’m happy to say that Yamato Magazine recently hit 100 followers! Thank you to all the people who’ve read, liked or commented on the articles so far. It’s inspired me to think about creating more Japan-centric content and continue to build the publication.

What is there to read?

With Yamato Magazine I’ve tried to be as creative as possible by developing ongoing series that cover different sectors of Japanese culture like anime and history. For example, The Otaku Armoury is a series that puts the spotlight on pop culture weapons that have been inspired by Japanese armaments. One of the most interesting weapons I’ve written about so far is the Yamato sword from Devil May Cry.

Another segment that I’ve been developing is The Kokoro Files, which tells the story of everyday people and their connection to Japan. So far, I’ve interviewed people from various backgrounds. Guests have run the gamut from sake sommeliers to taiko drummers. It’s been fascinating to hear their stories and learn about what made them want to embrace Japanese culture.

What does the future of Yamato Magazine hold?

Having only scratched the surface of what Japan has to offer, I’ll be looking to feature more diverse content. Expect to see more sake related content in Yamato Magazine, with reviews of different blends and a deeper examination of the industry in general.

Mental health is another subject I’m passionate about and I’ll be investigating how the concept is treated in Japan. This might take the form of ikigai related news and seppuku, the Japanese version of suicide. I believe it’s important to talk about these topics in wider detail and contribute towards the wider discussion of mental health positivity.

In addition, I’ll be building the Women Warriors series, which focuses on the stories of inspiring Japanese women throughout history and pop culture. If you can think of anyone who deserves to have their story told then please let me know in the comments.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read the publication and hope you continue to enjoy future content.

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