Japanese Cuisine

Manzoku Street Food Brings An Epic Taste Of Japan To The Suburbs Of Manchester

Manchester is known for having some amazing Japanese food venues like Tokyo Ramen and Oishi-Q. The city also has its fair share of street food vendors and one of the most promising to pop up is Manzoku Street Food. Inspired by Asian foods from around the world, Manzoku offers a good range of Japanese dishes like katsu curry and original gems like teriyaki steak and chips.

Serving Japanese food in the suburbs

Having recently taken up a residency in the brilliant Stretford Food Hall, Manzoku brings an element of food diversity to the suburban community. While not focusing exclusively on Japanese cuisine, Manzoku serves up some tasting offerings that would not be out of place in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Their katsu curry consists of crispy panko chicken breast coated with fresh chili, sesame seeds, pickled daikon and lotus crisps. When you add a generous helping of rice and curry sauce, you get a reasonably priced dish of £7.50.

For diners who are willing to spend a little more, the teriyaki steak and chips is a good option. Teriyaki glazed, the steak is cooked medium rare and combined with wasabi salt skin chips, creating a meal that brings the best qualities of Japanese and British cuisine together. Tuck in for a price of £9.

I opted for the £6 tofu katsu carry, a wholesome dish that came in big portions. Suitable for vegans, the curry contains panko tofu, lotus root crisps, chili, rice and sesame seeds. The tofu had a good amount of crunch to it, while still having a meaty quality.

Other Asian inspired meals include char sui on a bun and spicy Korean chicken wings. The former features tender char sui flavoured pulled pork stacked on a brioche bun with wasabi slaw and Hoisin sauce. Marinated in garlic, soy sauce and ginger, the wings are coated with Sichuan sauce and chili Sriracha mayo for a fiery kick.

Speedy service

Manzoku also offer weekly specials like katsu sando and onigiri, demonstrating they are willing to expand the menu and try new things.

What made the dining experience even better was the quick service. But even with the speed, there wasn’t any sacrifice on the quality of the food. That is one of the most important parts of being a successful street food vendor.

Manzoku are at Stretford Food Hall from August 1st – August 31st 2019 so be sure to come down and try the food for yourself. But even if you can’t make it, the team are available for catering events and you can get in touch with them at manzokuramen@gmail.com. Alternatively, check out their Twitter or Instragram.

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